Food Philosophy

If you decide to come to one of our Yoga Holidays and follow the diet that we serve you, I guarantee that you will feel amazing by the end of the week...! Who knows, maybe you'll come home and change one or two easy things in your diet because you want to continue feeling so good.

The cooking is not rock science, we actually like to keep it simple, but everything is fresh, seasonal, as much as possible purchased at the organic farmer's market and it is prepared with love and joy by my amazing kitchen team.

We eat vegetarian food only, stay away from processed food and stimulants such as refined sugars, coffee and black tea. As much as I recommend this diet for the week (because I want you to see how you feel at the end of it) of course you are free to sneak out and eat and drink whatever you think is good for you (not recommended for the yoga detox though).

I believe that 'Food is my medicine' - the most delicious medicine for my health and happiness. Most of the time (I have moments when all that cracks :-)  I eat food that makes me feel good, food that rises my vibration.

I believe in pure food. Food that grows and receives life energy from mother earth, the water, the air and the sun. By consuming pure food, I allow life energy to enter my body and it actually makes me feel alive... other than sluggish out of 'dead' food such as processed, packed and tinned food.

I believe in home made food. I'm not a big fan of electrical kitchen devices, but in cooks with good energy, as 'still' will enter the food. If attending a retreat, you will feel the different characters and flavours from my kitchen staff.

I love animals!!! Therefore, in all my Yoga Holidays we exclusively serve a vegetarian diet. The recipes are put together with a great knowledge of what vegetarians or vegans need a bit more of, if not eating animals. In my heart, I do hope to inspire some more people to follow a plant based diet … not only for moral and environmental reasons, but also spiritual reasons. Personally, I follow a vegan diet and since I do so, my vibration has definitely risen...!

Maybe you'll get inspired with some amazing recipes!

As much as possible I try to stay away from toxins in food, which makes me a frequent customer of the local health food store. Importing and exporting food does add the world pollution, therefore, I purchase most of my groceries at the local farmer’s market, preferably at the biological stand. Firstly this makes me automatically eat what’s in season and secondly what is grown in the earth I'm connected to (it brings less confusion in my mind).

As an Ayurvedic practitioner I do believe that it is most important how our body digests food. I also believe in the 3 Koshas and that there is a general guideline to how should eat: a Vata constitutions should eat warm and lubricating food, avoiding dry, cold and light, Pittas should cool themselves down and reduce spices and stimulants and Kaphas should eat light and dry food avoiding heavy and moist food.

As a nutritionist, I’m especially concerned about the over acidity of modern (western culture) bodies (and minds). Therefore, I like to eat mostly alkaline producing foods, avoiding acidic foods. This automatically also cuts out a lot of sugar, flour and yeast. I make sure that I eat good quality food, which provides me with sufficient proteins, carbohydrates and fats, vitamins, minerals and water.

Having grown up in Switzerland I was taught to be clean (almost sterile). Nowadays I realise it is more effective to clean inside the body than outside. Therefore, I take great care of what food I put into my system and do believe that 'I am what I eat'

But I also believe that, once you dive deeper into the path of Yoga, the diet will change automatically.

So, just relax and wait a bit...!

We can also cater for other diets, but depending on how much more there is involved in the cooking and purchasing of special food, there might be a surcharge.

In our Yoga Detox Retreats we'll be serving a detoxing diet with 3 meals a day. In the Yoga Delight Holiday, we'll have a Brunch Buffet and 3 Course Dinners, in the Yoga Surf Holiday you'll get a breakfast, lunch served at the beach and dinner.

For all our holidays we avoid meat, fish, refined sugar, yeast, coffee, tea and alcohol.

You will not feel hungry (in case you worry :-)

We can cater for special diets such as vegan or gluten free. If you follow a more complicated diet it might be possible, but depending on the extra work or shopping, there might be a surcharge.

Jeanette is our head chef. She is a fantastic passionate cook and comes with a lot of nutritional knowledge. She also gives cooking workshops and can be booked for an Ayurvedic nutrition consultation.

Eat to live, don’t live to eat!